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Nature Love Poems

by Kylie Terraluna
on 28 March 2017

I haven't been blogging lately, so much so, that I forgot to give you my latest love poems. So here you are, divine one, from my heart to yours. And yes, I will come back with more blogs very soon, there's much more... KT x

If I was a Flower

If I was a Flower,
I'd be a Dandelion,
Endlessly Wild and Free.
But mostly, I think,
I'd be a Tulip.
The Tulip is for me.

Ode to the Sun

Oh Surya,
I worship your light.
I want to bathe in your warmth and feel your presence deep inside my soul.
I crave your heat,
To relax under your penetrating gaze,
Cool off in moonlit waters,
Then come back for more of the same.
In you I learn balance - too much of you, I wrinkle and burn,
Too little, I lack life and all motivation.
Uplift us Surya, with your glorious, energetic, golden rays of delight.
Fill us with the prana we all need for survival.
May we forever honour you,
Your powerful, life giving force and unending brilliance. 

Ode to the Rain

Oh Rain, 
Pour down on me.
Penetrate my soul with your fresh, pure, liquid form of love.
Oh Rain, pour down over the Earth,
Give to her, 
Soften her,
Shower her with love,
For she needs your water element to thrive.
Let her yield, 
As at the depths of her soul
Grows all the beauty of the world.
In return for your alchemy, 
She will nourish us all.

On consumption

Fill your water with love,
Then drink it.
Praise your space with joy,
Then breathe it in.
Cook your food with peace,
Then eat it.
Tenderly share all blessings:
Water, space, food, time, and life with others.
Allow the bliss of your own divinity to pervade your being with grace.

Kylie Terraluna x 

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