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I am a passionate health and lifestyle features writer and journalist. To date, I have written thirty-seven 2000-2500 word feature article for WellBeing Magazine; that's around 85,000 words for this one publication. I contributed a weekly yoga tip to their social media accounts (fifty-eight tips in total) for over a year and have my own ebook collection of articles published through Universal Magazines. I write articles that empower and embrace positive lifestyle change for vibrant living, from yoga to home stories, Vedic wisdom to eco-renovation and much more. I am interested in hard hitting journalism as well, and am so driven by a passion for publishing that I'm studying a Masters in Communication (Journalism) at Charles Sturt University. 

I write the health & wellbeing page for the fortnightly Hills to Hawkesbury Living Magazine and many of those articles are now online here. I have a passion for healthy lifestyle and have also written for Nurture Parenting Magazine, Yummy Bubby, Gratitude Online and various other places, always available for health, yoga, home, lifestyle articles and more. I am currently writing my first book, while working on others. 

Here is a complete list of my WellBeing magazine feature articles, in publishing order:

  • Yoga for Work Overload (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 164)
  • Dharma Dollars (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 163)
  • Divine Designs (WellBeing Issue 162)
  • Yoga for the Divine Feminine Within  (WellBeing Issue 161)
  • Yoga for Fun  (WellBeing Issue 160)
  • Growing Old Together  (WellBeing Issue 160)
  • Vastu for Prosperity (WellBeing Issue 159)
  • Yoga for Your Dosha (WellBeing Issue 159)
  • Yoga for Self-Love (for WellBeing online co-written with Katie Duncan)
  • Sustainable Home, Sustainable Life (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 158)
  • Finding Your Dharma (WellBeing Issue 157)
  • Yoga for Difficult Times (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 156)
  • The Eye of the Veda (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 156)
  • Creating Spiritual Circles (WellBeing Issue 155)
  • Be Fearless at Home (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 154)
  • Yoga for Happiness (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 153)
  • Eco-Renovation Revolution (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 152)
  • Yoga for Conscious Living (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 151)
  • Home & Heart, Vastu for Love (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 151)
  • Yoga on the Go (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 150)
  • Yoga for Transformation (WellBeing Issue 147)
  • Yoga for Sex (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 145)
  • Yoga for Conscious Eating (first appeared in WellBeing Issue 144)
  • Yoga for Compassion (WellBeing Issue 142)
  • Yoga for Self Acceptance (WellBeing Issue 141)

    WellBeing Bookazine contributions
  • Flow with the Rhythm (WellBeing Yoga Experience 2nd Edition)
  • The Power of Mantra (WellBeing Yoga Experience 2nd Edition)
  • Utterly Selfless (WellBeing Yoga Experience 2nd Edition)
  • Beyond the Body Beautiful (first appeared in WellBeing Yoga Experience 1st Edition)
  • The Yogic Plate (WellBeing Yoga Experience 1st Edition)
  • Seeking the Light (first appeared in WellBeing Yoga Experience 1st Edition)
  • WellBeing Esoteric Almanac 2016 and 2017 Editions
    Contributed sections to this beautiful bookazine, writing introductions for some esoteric modalities: 
    Vedic Astrology
    Tantric Numerology
    Esoteric Astrology
  • Yoga and Ayurveda for Diabetes (WellBeing Living with Diabetes)
  • Yoga for Kids (first appeared in WellBeing Parenting)

 Kylie Terraluna x