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Truth-seeking company and natural connection

by Kylie Terraluna
on 19 March 2015

Sanga is a Sanskrit word that means ‘in the company of likeminded others’. Sat means the ‘highest truth’, and Satsanga is the ‘company of likeminded others seeking the highest truth’. If you are struggling to maintain a daily yoga practice, seeking a satsang can inspire you towards a regular practice for living your bliss.

There are many ways of being in company with likeminded others that help you to live your truth. Finding Satsang through Yoga will cleanse and strengthen you, maintain health and connection, and take you deeper spiritually. Yoga is a lifelong journey at the minimum, encompassing all of you. 

Sustainability is a passion too, as we can't maintain a future without it. The more sustainable steps you take, the more fulfilling each step becomes.

So seek or create a community that inspires you towards healthy, simple living, a love of nature, and a burning zeal for a wonderful life.

Be creative in a surrender sort of way, and see where your passions take you.

Look for ways that give back to Mother Earth; the more you look, the more you discover how much there is to find, to be uplifted and inspired towards peaceful, satisfying and relaxed living.

Connect and share these experiences with others and implement simple things each day that add to your bliss.





Ritualise yoga love.

Give back.

Do something, anything small that you might enjoy, and do it regularly.

Keep practicing yoga, or start a yoga practice for a healthy lifestyle with boundless energy, open heartedness and love.

Turn off the tv, and the power points that are not in use. Reduce your energy consumption and listen to what nature has to say.

Your heart wants to hear the call, so be still and listen.


Be mindful.

Walk barefoot on the earth as much as you can, wherever you can - on the grass, on the sand, in the mud, in the water.

Abandon shoes and lie down and watch the clouds changing shape across the changing sky.

Watch the starry nights, the sunrises and sunsets.

Catch a moment of wonder as a purple butterfly lands on a purple wildflower.


There is so much freedom, joy and beauty, health, love and happiness from a connection with the earth, with the moon, with yourself and others and the cosmos itself.

Get your hands dirty, play with your children or simply play like children.

Connect with uplifting satsang in love and in happiness.

Light your spiritual, golden flame for radiant, pure energy, deep and beautiful, natural, healthy living.

And may all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Kylie Terraluna x

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