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Yogic Prayer Practice

by Kylie Terraluna
on 27 April 2015

As a yogi/yogini of love, when something touches you deeply, like natural disasters in the world and the suffering and death it can bring, you can dedicate your yoga practice to easing the suffering of people, a person or group on a small or global scale. This raises your own consciousness, and helps develop compassion and peace, putting your sufferings into perspective and easing them as well. You can do a yoga prayer practice alone or in a group, harnessing the power of the group energy to help bring about healing for others.

Decide on a time frame for your practice and intend to hold the light for the one/s who need it throughout. The more specific you are in intending to ease suffering of ones you think of, the more focused you can be in your compassion practice. Later you can offer the one practice to many different groups, but for now, stick to one situation, person or group each time you practice in this way as you build this yogic skill.

Centre yourself on your breath and in the heart space, then extend that centering to welcoming the ones you are focusing on. Ask for their permission to perform this prayer on their behalf with purity, and if it is right and you feel their consent, make your sankalpa for the practice to ease their pain. A sankalpa is a pure or higher intention said with dedication and enthusiasm three times at the beginning and end of a yoga practice. If you are focusing on a group of people far away from you undergoing trauma, go into your heart space and wait to find the correct intention to help them. Once you are focused with purity, the intention will come and it will be right for the moment. Repeat it three times and surrender it as you begin your own practice. Feel a cosmic connection on a planetary level as you dip and weave in and out of Sun Salutations with gentleness, breathing in and out the unity that we all share. Fill your body with golden light, become a beacon of light as you dedicate each moment, every breath, every movement, every drishti (point of concentration) to easing the suffering of the one/s you are dedicating the practice to.

When you come to your own physical tensions on the physical level, breathe into them and relax the muscles, as you offer a sense of relaxation and peace to others simultaneously. Dedicate your mind to this prayer to ease suffering of others, and if your mind wanders, don’t squander the opportunity with negative self talk, simply refocus and redirect yourself back to the prayer for another. If you find this difficult, play a Ganesh chant in the background to help remove the obstacles. Continue this way throughout your practice and allow the expansion of love, unity, global family to extend to all beings everywhere.

After you have moved the spine in all directions through a balanced practice, come back to slow, grounding movements, then come into meditation. Focus your inner eye on your heart space and the heart space of those you dedicate your practice to, simply breathing in and out and sending them peace. Ask for guidance and support internally from the yoga masters who are available to help you on the subtle plane, call them into your meditation as you hold the light for the peace of all. Accept the guidance that true compassion can bring to the earth. Call on the Great Mother herself and dedicate your prayer to healing our relationship with her also.

At night, as you are slowly winding down from your day, light a candle for those you dedicate your practice to, and continue offering peace for them. 

Become peace, be love, express your breath as a prayer back to the divine source of everything. Surrender your efforts, let go into purpose and peace. And come what may.

Be open to intuition to guide your daily actions further for the benefit of all.

And may all beings everywhere be happy and free.

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Om Prema (love),

Kylie Terraluna x

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