Cultivating Compassion

In the authoritative ancient text, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, karuna or compassion is one of the four ways of relating to others. Compassion towards those who are suffering. Compassion can sometimes be difficult, especially if someone’s suffering is aimed at you.


Imagining the WellBeing Yoga Immersion weekends...


You feel rushed, a little apprehensive, then enter a space that has been so beautifully, meditatively prepared, filled with indelible intentions for your own exploration, that you relax. As you enter, you start to let go and listen to soothing sounds of yoga music as it flows through your ears and into your heart, softening you while you look for a space to call home for the weekend amongst others that you haven’t yet met. I smile at you, chanting softly, then bring you an oil to soothe your marma points and clear your energy. You roll out your mat. As you take a breath in, you breathe a sacred scent from the oil and another from the love altar; a divine scent from ancient times, welcoming and nurturing your senses.


Love and compassion the week before Christmas

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house was stress and confusion, and so much doubt…


What are the WellBeing Yoga Immersions all about?

What’s in the WellBeing Yoga Immersion Weekends for Love and Happiness?

If you love Yoga, if you’re curious about Yoga or want to know ancient tools for love and happiness in life, you will love this blissful weekend presented by WellBeing Magazine. Kylie Terraluna, WellBeing writer and yoga teacher, shares a wealth of vedic knowledge to harmonise and empower you. These weekends are held in a number of locations throughout Australia.


Yoga for Happiness

Do you think about your own happiness, what makes you happy and what it is that truly leads to lasting happiness in your life? Would you like to be happier?

Have you considered how you would live, love and be, if happiness was your stable centre? Or is your happiness somehow obscured by conditioned expectations and responsibilities, pushed to the side or future dated for a later destination you may never find? Do you really want to live like that, ever dependent on good things happening for you to feel happy?


Yogic Prayer Practice

As a yogi/yogini of love, when something touches you deeply, like natural disasters in the world and the suffering and death it can bring, you can dedicate your yoga practice to easing the suffering of people, a person or group on a small or global scale. This raises your own consciousness, and helps develop compassion and peace, putting your sufferings into perspective and easing them as well. You can do a yoga prayer practice alone or in a group, harnessing the power of the group energy to help bring about healing for others.