A Yoga Love Poem

I wrote this yoga love poem some time ago and thought I would share it now as I sit in a delicious space of creating and planning for the WellBeing Yoga Immersions for Love. It equally serves for lovers and those waiting for the wings of love. It can also be felt as a calling or uniting wholeness within yourself...


And a Happy, Peaceful, Earth Loving New Year!

As you begin the natural process of looking back over the year just gone and start to think of how you would like to live the new one, cast your reflections back, then forward through the lens of unity consciousness. 

In what ways are you living against the natural flow of life? Where are you pushing instead of allowing things to pass? How might this be the cause of your suffering? Can you find your pathway to peace?


And Fly! A metaphor

It's long overdue,
This coming home to yourself.
You have been wanting to embrace your heart your whole life,
Yet have held back,
Until now.


Cultivating Compassion

In the authoritative ancient text, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, karuna or compassion is one of the four ways of relating to others. Compassion towards those who are suffering. Compassion can sometimes be difficult, especially if someone’s suffering is aimed at you.


Finding Your Dharma

Are you fulfilled?

Do you lose yourself in your work and find yourself in the process?

Or are searching for the seeds of fulfilment and need some direction?


On Feeling Sad

Sadness can sometimes grip you, can’t it? Do you find it’s easy to focus on what’s negative in your life, and deeply focus on it to the point where you are way beyond melancholy?


The Yoga of Surrender

A lot of people consider Yoga as a form of exercise with a bit of unusual breathing and a rest thrown in at the end. Is this you, or someone you know? Yoga Teachers don’t mind, because the health benefits are far reaching irrespective of how spiritual you want to take your practice. Yet Yoga is a spiritual path, and Patanjali clearly states that this sattvic lifestyle needs a surrender; Ishvara Pranidhana - surrendering to the divinity within. It is a beautiful way to live, surrendering, yet how many of us do?


Vastu for Love

Do you see Love as a spiritual quest in life? Look around your home, feel into the space. Does it feel emotionally warm to be at your place? Is it nurturing, safe, non-judgemental, and is love freely expressed and received? Can you drop into the space and truly relax?