A Meditation for Love

Do you have a warm cup of something to lovingly hold and sip as you read this? If not, go make yourself something you’ll enjoy, then come and sit with me. Take a sip while it’s warm, because you’re about to forget all about that warm cup of tea. 


And Fly! A metaphor

It's long overdue,
This coming home to yourself.
You have been wanting to embrace your heart your whole life,
Yet have held back,
Until now.


Ayurveda Yoga Australia - Robert Svoboda weekend

In June 2014 I sat in a series of amazing lectures with Dr Robert Svoboda in Sydney thanks to Ayurveda Yoga Australia.

Dr Robert Svoboda has such a wealth of knowledge and experience with vedic science that is unparalleled. He shared information and understanding with attendees about prana, vastu, vedic astrology, doshas, personal narrative and so much more. He effortlessly taught how vedic wisdom is interrelated. We chanted, he spoke, we learnt, chatted, bought books. It was enriching.


Om Shanti, Peace at Home

Shanti, Shanti? I’m calling my cat of ten years. I’ve named her Peace for a reason. Shaaaantiiii. I love calling Peace into Nature as the darkness falls upon the night sky. Peace, I call out in Sanskrit, and wait for a softly furred, four legged friend to enter through the front door for her dinner.

I’m also calling to my heart, to remind myself to embody peace within the chaos of a young family in an intimate space...


Resistance - How to implement transformation

Do you find whenever you try to implement positive change in your life, you end up resisting it? Does it get too hard among all the demands for your attention, your time, to live the way you yearn to? If you feel overwhelmed by all the advice on how to live even though you crave peace, harmony and spiritual knowledge, here’s a way in that will hopefully feel joyful, loving and just a little bit exciting!