A Meditation for Love

Do you have a warm cup of something to lovingly hold and sip as you read this? If not, go make yourself something you’ll enjoy, then come and sit with me. Take a sip while it’s warm, because you’re about to forget all about that warm cup of tea. 


A touch of love

If you are feeling single and dateless when evening hits, try not to get swept away in sorrow. In truth, you are not alone. If you tune into the universal truths, you realise that you are never alone; the universe is always supporting your efforts. Know this; you are not your thoughts. You are not your feelings.

So instead of feeling alone, connect with the energy of Love.


Golden Light, Good Night

I sit and wonder and breathe and surrender. But have I really surrendered? Do I understand what it means to completely let go of the outcome? Do you?

I sit and wait and feel the vidya stirring my heart. I let go, but have I really? Do I understand?

“I want, I hear you say”. The universe is talking to me now.
“I need this for this reason” Spirit echoes me back to myself.
“All in perfect timing”, comes the reply.


On Criticism

Recently I discovered that over many years I unconsciously embraced a criticism of my handwriting that didn’t come from me. In the process of conscious living, you uncover or wake up to things that you do unconsciously that no longer serve you, and it’s a wonderful thing, because it provides the opportunity to let go and live differently.


Vastu - Yoga for Your Home

We who wish to be happy and healthy need to look past our personal concerns to also consider nature’s wellbeing… No individual’s well-being is ever independent of the well-being of the land, the community and the cosmos.” Dr Robert E. Svoboda, Vastu, Breathing Life into Space.


Vastu for Love

Do you see Love as a spiritual quest in life? Look around your home, feel into the space. Does it feel emotionally warm to be at your place? Is it nurturing, safe, non-judgemental, and is love freely expressed and received? Can you drop into the space and truly relax?


Vastu Shastra for Home Security

How safe do you feel in your home at night or when you are home alone? Some people feel so safe they don't even lock their doors at night. Others, plagued with increasing amounts of fear, barricade themselves in with heightened security measures.


Yoga for Eating

A yogic lifestyle joyously involves every aspect of your life and eating is no exception to yogic joy.  


Yoga for Happiness article here

Happiness is not a commodity.

Love is pure, generous and uplifting.


Yoga for Sex

If you are following a yoga path - living more consciously, embracing ahimsa (non-violence), aiming for sattvic (pure) interactions of peace, love and intimacy - has this translated into more meaningful sexual experiences for you yet? We live in a society that cheapens sex, advertising wants to get into our pockets through our pants and makes light hearted fun of sex. Even health research propounds the need for more of it for better health. Yet no sex is better than bad sex, don’t you think?