Ayurveda Yoga Australia - Robert Svoboda weekend

In June 2014 I sat in a series of amazing lectures with Dr Robert Svoboda in Sydney thanks to Ayurveda Yoga Australia.

Dr Robert Svoboda has such a wealth of knowledge and experience with vedic science that is unparalleled. He shared information and understanding with attendees about prana, vastu, vedic astrology, doshas, personal narrative and so much more. He effortlessly taught how vedic wisdom is interrelated. We chanted, he spoke, we learnt, chatted, bought books. It was enriching.


Cultivating Joy

October and November 2015 have been my biggest publishing months to date. I have around 25,000 words published across three WellBeing publications this month and am busy writing more.

I've also been interviewed by Ayurved Sutra on how to become more compassionate and loving through yoga.

I love writing so much, and sharing ancient wisdom teachings through the craft.


Finding Your Dharma

Are you fulfilled?

Do you lose yourself in your work and find yourself in the process?

Or are searching for the seeds of fulfilment and need some direction?


On Criticism

Recently I discovered that over many years I unconsciously embraced a criticism of my handwriting that didn’t come from me. In the process of conscious living, you uncover or wake up to things that you do unconsciously that no longer serve you, and it’s a wonderful thing, because it provides the opportunity to let go and live differently.


The Eye of the Veda

I’m listening to my Vedic Astrology reading from Yogini Shambhavifrom earlier this year. This was a very special opportunity, to receive a reading from such a Jyotish adept and spiritual master as is she. Yogini Shambhavi provided so many beautiful remedies, simple suggestions and rituals for harmony to appease the planetary forces. She confirmed my spiritual path and my work, my potentials, and explained my nature with heightened accuracy, highlighting strengths and abilities, and pointed out the difficulties I face with remedies to pacify afflictions, as well as the many good times ahead. The reading shows the dasha periods I’ve endured and the positive ones forthcoming. 


The Yoga of Mess

Namaste. This is me, in equanimity amidst mess. With two small children my home is often dishevelled, a special thanks to my three year old boy. He is adorable by the way, and incredibly messy.

It’s hard to contain mess in such a small home, and I don’t want to contain the creative spirit, to dampen the imaginative fire by being rigid or fixed, so I allow for mess and find myself constantly cleaning up, like most mums I guess. Here’s the yoga of it. It’s service; karma yoga.


The Yoga of Surrender

A lot of people consider Yoga as a form of exercise with a bit of unusual breathing and a rest thrown in at the end. Is this you, or someone you know? Yoga Teachers don’t mind, because the health benefits are far reaching irrespective of how spiritual you want to take your practice. Yet Yoga is a spiritual path, and Patanjali clearly states that this sattvic lifestyle needs a surrender; Ishvara Pranidhana - surrendering to the divinity within. It is a beautiful way to live, surrendering, yet how many of us do?