A touch of love

If you are feeling single and dateless when evening hits, try not to get swept away in sorrow. In truth, you are not alone. If you tune into the universal truths, you realise that you are never alone; the universe is always supporting your efforts. Know this; you are not your thoughts. You are not your feelings.

So instead of feeling alone, connect with the energy of Love.


A Yoga Love Poem

I wrote this yoga love poem some time ago and thought I would share it now as I sit in a delicious space of creating and planning for the WellBeing Yoga Immersions for Love. It equally serves for lovers and those waiting for the wings of love. It can also be felt as a calling or uniting wholeness within yourself...


Free meditation online at WellBeing

A voice recorded free Meditation of Love is now available for you at WellBeing TV. 

Click hereto listen to this free voice recorded meditation.

Make love your practice, may love begin inside your heart, may love begin with you.

Kylie Terraluna x



Free Yoga LOVE-IN this Valentine's Day 5pm

FREE Yoga LOVE-IN this Valentine's Day at 5pm in the park in Bondi!

Hope to see you there for some simple mindful movement, intimate breath work and a love meditation as a Valentine's Day gift to you.

Click here for more information.

ALL are welcome.

Kylie Terraluna x


Imagining the WellBeing Yoga Immersion weekends...


You feel rushed, a little apprehensive, then enter a space that has been so beautifully, meditatively prepared, filled with indelible intentions for your own exploration, that you relax. As you enter, you start to let go and listen to soothing sounds of yoga music as it flows through your ears and into your heart, softening you while you look for a space to call home for the weekend amongst others that you haven’t yet met. I smile at you, chanting softly, then bring you an oil to soothe your marma points and clear your energy. You roll out your mat. As you take a breath in, you breathe a sacred scent from the oil and another from the love altar; a divine scent from ancient times, welcoming and nurturing your senses.


Love and compassion the week before Christmas

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house was stress and confusion, and so much doubt…


Speaking at Mind Body Spirit Festivals in May/June

I'm speaking at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Sydney and Melbourne in May/June for the WellBeing Yoga Immersions for love and happiness!


Spiritual Community Circles

In WellBeing, issue 155, out now, you will find my article, Creating Spiritual Community Circles on page 76 - 80. If you haven’t yet experienced a spiritual circle, I urge you to read this article and seek the sacred connection that awaits you in the company and safety of sacred circle.


Truth-seeking company and natural connection

Sanga is a Sanskrit word that means ‘in the company of likeminded others’. Sat means the ‘highest truth’, and Satsanga is the ‘company of likeminded others seeking the highest truth’. If you are struggling to maintain a daily yoga practice, seeking a satsang can inspire you towards a regular practice for living your bliss.


Watch my short video here

Watch my clip about the WellBeing Yoga Immersions here! 


What are the WellBeing Yoga Immersions all about?

What’s in the WellBeing Yoga Immersion Weekends for Love and Happiness?

If you love Yoga, if you’re curious about Yoga or want to know ancient tools for love and happiness in life, you will love this blissful weekend presented by WellBeing Magazine. Kylie Terraluna, WellBeing writer and yoga teacher, shares a wealth of vedic knowledge to harmonise and empower you. These weekends are held in a number of locations throughout Australia.


Who is Kylie Terraluna for the WellBeing Yoga Immersions?

Here’s a little about me, to help you understand where I come from and what kind of yoga teacher I am for the WellBeing Yoga Immersions.

The word, ‘wellbeing’ is another name for happiness, and every word I have ever written for WellBeing Magazine has been and continues to be an act of pure love. It’s a written form of yoga teaching for me, whether I’m writing about yoga, or spiritual circles or sustainability, it’s all yoga. These Immersions are the live component of years of printed articles, and more than that, they too are an act of love. 


Yoga for Happiness article here

Happiness is not a commodity.

Love is pure, generous and uplifting.